Argos Restaurant, your gastronomic restaurant

Argos Restaurant, your gastronomic restaurant

We are proud to call ourselves a gourmet restaurant, the first in Port of Pollença.

Achieving this designation is to reach some premises and quality requirements, is to search excellence in every detail, a charming atmosphere, fresh seasonal ingredients, local products and join this experience with a good wine. It's a harmony of pleasure for all the senses to keep you satisficed and comfortable.

Under the direction of Chef Alvaro Salazar, we turn old recipes in new culinary masterpieces. Our style of “traveling cuisine” is achieved with a fusion of cultures and flavors, always with the author's personality. A delicious balance.

The portions are served with delicacy and style in design dishes, making the food the star of the room. The white walls reflect the light coming through the windows overlooking the beach promenade and our cozy terrace where Argos Restaurant will have the pleasure to welcome you.

At lunchtime you can try a tasty menu with dishes bistro style. For dinner, the offer becomes a culinary festival, being able to choose from a small menu, a dinner menu or tasting menus.With which of our wines do you want to join your meals?

All this gastronomic experience is complete with a bright, professional and friendly service that will ensure that your visit to Argos Restaurant is a moment of pleasure you want to repeat again.

Embark on a journey of flavors and sensations with us in Argos Restaurant, your gastronomic restaurant.