Frito Mallorquín, flavors of the past

Frito Mallorquín, flavors of the past

If you like food and you like to explore the typical dishes of the places you visit you cannot miss one of the oldest and most typical dishes of Mallorca, known as the Majorcan frito (fried), one of the most traditional recipes and popular par excellence the islanders.

It will whet your appetite nothing else smell it. It’s a dish of Sephardic origin, as it has similarities with the Judeo-Sephardic and Arabic cuisine and its preparation varies substantially depending on the area and the season. Its main base is the roasted of the viscera and lean meat of pork combined with vegetables. Although it is a dish best served at Easter, it is usually done in autumn or winter season taking advantage of tender and fresh vegetables that accompany the offal and fry them separately to take the flavor of each ingredient.

This dish is prepared with potato, fried onions and vegetables from the area as fonillo, peppers and chillies, but can be mixed with many ingredients. It can be accompanied either meat or fish and chopped into small squares all. The original fried, includes only the entrails of lamb, onion, fennel and broad beans, other ingredients have been added over time. The most popular types of fried are:

  • Frito de matanzas: It is made with liver, lean meat, bacon, costilleja, pepper, potato, etc...
  • Easter Frito: Fried mode that differs by the size of the young lambs
  • Pork Frito: It is similar to killings but with pork: offal, bacon, ribs, etc...
  • Vegetables Frito: Bring more types of vegetables instead of meat and potatoes, peas, cauliflower, artichokes, snow peas, sauteed, peppers, eggplant...
  • Boletus Frito: Take potato, vegetables, sauteed, onions, peas and time tickets
  • Frito Marinero: Bring potatoes, squid, prawns, cuttlefish, mussels, onion and fresh fennel.

Our Restaurant Argos prepares a delicious frito marinero. It seems almost mandatory that you try and you take this tasty memory in your palate.

Bon Appetit!