Sant Joan, the magical night

Sant Joan, the magical night
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This is one of the most special nights of the year. June 23 is a day marked in the calendar of all islanders. It’s the eve of San Juan, a magical night when the beaches are filled with bonfires and rituals.

This is the party that gives the official welcome to the summer and therefore is the most awaited by the Majorcan. The celebration has pagan origin, and fire is the indomitable protagonist. All attendees gather around a bonfire in which at 12 pm (witching) will burn their dreams listed on paper. Rituals are infinite. Some people jump over the fire, others give three jumps while their wishes burn, some of them bathe in the sea to purge impurities, there’s who throws coins ... all equally valid because that night there is only one real desire: that everything goes well until next San Juan.

If you are in Mallorca in this magical night don’t hesitate to get close to any of these celebrations. You will love it. We list the main towns where this endearing feast is celebrated: Palma, Calvià, Deià, Muro, Felanitx, Son Servera and Sant Joan.

You have just to carry a small notebook to write your wishes and some dinner if you want to eat at the beach. We wish all your desires will fulfill

Happy Sant Joan!