In Argos Restaurant the way we work responds to a philosophy of life based on effort and overcoming. Therefore we are always recycling our knowledge and improving our menu to offer our guests all the quality we are able to and never letting go the surprise factor to make their stay at Argos Restaurant a culinary and sensory experience.

We work with seasonal local ingredients. This is why we present four different menus a year, one for each season, always giving a twist to existing dishes and fueling our creative side that is what we love. That way, our customers always find in Argos Restaurant a different, genuine and surprising offer.

Now we are immersed in our summer menu. It’s always difficult for us to say goodbye to the previous dishes, like our escaldums with dried apricots and plums emulsion with 000 Norway lobster medallion and potato foam, which we will recover when the cold months approach. Today you can find in Argos Restaurant fresher and light proposals, such as Sunomono de la lonja with sumbauzuo, the steak tartar of Majorcan beef with smoked marrow and ice cream or sexy citrus, lychees and watermelon, more appropriate to summer.

In addition, our chef Alvaro Salazar prepares with his team a weekly menu with a snack, a starter, a marine product, a product of the earth, a dessert and a peti fours for our evening menu, you can taste for € 28 drinks not included.

Your satisfaction is our greatest reward. Do you want to try?