Trempó, the summer salad

Trempó, the summer salad

When the summer time approaches the trempó arrives at all homes and restaurants on the island. A delicious salad made with local season products, a very tasty and refreshing choice. Many people get surprised with the simplicity of its preparation and humility of its ingredients. How can be this dish so delicious? It’s prepared with tomato, green pepper and onions, all cut into small pieces. It is then seasoned with olive oil and a pinch of salt. This action is called 'trempar', hence the name of this dish. Some people add olives, tuna, garlic, and even boiled egg, but it is such a tasty salad that doesn’t need additives.

Often we find it as a garnish for meat, fish or omelets, but the most genuine way to taste it is with a good country bread dipped in oil that has absorbed the flavor and aroma of vegetables.

In Argos Restaurant we have our own range of trempó. We enhance its flavor with marinated pickles. It is one of our favorite dishes of our summer menu. You can also find trempó as garrison of the delicious wild seabass we prepare in Argos, a perfect land & sea combination that you must try when you visit us.

The islanders like this combination so much that they got inspired to develop the traditional "coca de trempó". On a thin crust, they extend the salad and bake it, getting a crispy base and a golden vegetable. You can find this in almost all the bakeries on the island and also in Argos snack.

Bon Appetite!