Cala Carbó, the most incredible blue

Cala Carbó, the most incredible blue
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This is one of our favorite beaches. It’s only 7 kilometers away from our hotel and today we would like to recommend it specially.

It is located next to Cala Molins, Cala Barques and Cala Clara. All of them form the group known as Cala Sant Vicenç. Cala Carbó is perhaps the least visited of them all, but not for being less beautiful than the rest, but because it is a little hidden and lacks tourist services. So if you go there keep that in mind, you will have to carry all what you need; water, sunscreen, food and umbrella. In the middle of the day the sun is very dangerous.

It is a cove with turquoise water. This contrast with the hard color of the cliffs surrounding it gives this beach a very special light. We must warn of the danger of this and all the coves of Cala San Vicenç for anchor a boat if sea rises out or the wind blows north.

If you go by car the access is very simple. You just have to follow the road signs. You can park on the street i without problems. It is also possible to reach by public transport. The bus stop is only 300 meters away.

We hope you like it!