Cycling. Manual of good practice

Cycling. Manual of good practice

Cycling is a beautiful sport. It allows you to see new places while you take care of your health by practicing your favorite sport.

The Balearic Islands receive hundreds of tourists every year because they have ideal climate and terrain for cycling. Although its inhabitants are aware of the large number of cyclists walking their beautiful back roads and they try to respect the safety measures to protect them, you will have to exercise extreme caution, because it is a very dangerous sport.

Today we want to give you some simple tips to make your cycling tour around the islands more enjoyable and, above all, safer.

  • Choose routes with visibility
  • Check the weather forecast before leaving the hotel
  • Put yourself comfortable, clear and visible clothes
  • Remember that helmet use it’s MANDATORY
  • Try that your route does not cover the middle of the day
  • Take plenty of water with you
  • Make the correct signals of your movements with your hands to other vehicles and pedestrians (turning, overtaking ...)
  • Remember that our facilities have a bicycle storage service.
  • And, of course, if you ride at night, put night lights and reflective tape on your bike and your clothes.

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Good trip!