Gató with ice cream

Gató with ice cream

In french gâteau means cake and it seems to be the origin of this traditional Majorcan delight. This cake is a combination of the influence of French cuisine with matter protagonist of this sweet dessert: the almond.

Its crop is very important in the Balearic Islands. It was the Romans who began planting almonds and exploiting its fruit, but it was in the nineteenth century when it acquired greater prominence. Mallorcan almonds are recognized with Protected Geographical Indication by the European Union. These nuts are sold raw and roasted, with skin and skinless, whole and chopped... This is how we are interested to make this cake, chopped, because the gató doesn’t contain flour but very finely ground almonds. This can be a plus point for those intolerant to gluten.

The gató has a spongy delicious texture, it’s a perfect dessert. It perfectly fits with coffee, tea or chocolate shake for more sweetish, although the star combination in Mallorca is gató with ice cream. A slice of cake and a generous scoop of ice cream served on the same plate, a fusion and contrast of textures you'll love.

In our restaurant La Cafetería by La Goleta you can, of course, try this Majorcan traditional pastry. We serve it with vanilla ice cream, but you can choose from our large selection of ice creams and sorbets if you prefer another flavor.

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