Greetings from Mallorca...

Greetings from Mallorca...

We all do. To reserve one day of our holiday for shopping. When we travel we like to bring something typical of that place. Mallorca, from the tourist boom of the 60s, has directed almost all of their business to their visitors. It was at that point that multitude of small business emerged near the tourist centers called 'souvenirs' in which people could (and still can) acquire memories of Mallorca (aprons, fans, ashtrays, key chains, refrigerator magnets ...). However, new ideas and new trends have taken over major commercial arteries of the island.

Today we want to talk about these other gifts and memories that you can take home for your family and friends and they’ll love; we guarantee. Make space in the suitcase because the list is considerable...

  • Clothes, footwear and leather: Traditionally this sector has been one of the most important. We recommend a visit to Inca, leather capital. There you will find many factories, stores and outlets specialized in leather at very competitive prices.

  • Pearls: Jewelry and specifically pearl, has been for many years a hallmark of Mallorca. There are several factories on the island: Orquidea, Majorica... in this one, located in Manacor, if you ask for an appointment they explain you the whole process of making these artificial pearls. The visit well worth it, it’s very interesting.

  • Glass: In Mallorca there is a long tradition of this industry. Lafiore and Gordiola are the most important blowing glass factories. The technique is ancestral and allows you to bring unique pieces, made individually and each different from above: plates, cups, bowls, vases... the versatility of this material is endless. As with pearls, these factories also open for visits by appointment. We recommend you visit them, it is a very meticulous work and it will astound you.

  • Siurells and ceramics: Another of the most famous memories of the island is the 'siurell' (a small clay whistle in countless versions colored white, green and red). Ceramic is also very popular. The village with the greatest tradition in this business is Pórtol, where you will find different potteries where to buy your souvenirs.

  • The senalles: You'll see them everywhere. Handmade baskets made with 'garballó' a small palm tree that grows wild in the Serra de Llevant. You’ll find them in all colors and sizes and are ideal for going to the beach. In La Goleta Hotel de Mar we loan you this bags to put your pool towels. If you want to purchase them ask us!

  • Food: By now you may have noticed that the typical products of Mallorca deserve to be shared with your friends who have been unable to visit us. Oil, sausages, cheese, sobrasada, ensaïmada ... the list is endless!

If you follow our recommendations you will have to buy an extra suitcase to your luggage. We hope these gifts remind you your stay with us from your home.