An imposing holed rock in the middle of the sea. This definition could be the simplest, but Na Foradada is much more. It is a magical picture, full of history and has been a source of inspiration for painters, musicians and writers of all time.

One of the theories that exist around this singular rock says that hole was caused in a gun battle that was fought there in 1582 between 150 privateers who were defeated by only 50 Christians. True or not, what we do know is that this accident (natural or induced) has become one of the most important attractions of the island. It is precisely this hole (forat in Majorcan) which gives name to 'Na Foradada' (holed).

Every day thousands of cameras capture this image to immortalize it forever. We recommend your visit. It is located between the beaches of Cala Deià and Caló de s'Estaca. If you wish you can contemplate it from the viewpoint of the Son Marroig estate, owned by the Archduke Luis Salvador, where you will come along through the road to the Sierra between Valldemossa and Deià. The whole tour is a visual spectacle, and the visit of these two towns is also required.

Up there you will find a restaurant and a beach bar where you can drink something in one of the most privileged environment of the island. Also if you wish you can make an excursion from Son Marroig (paying the entrance to the estate) to Na Foradada. A beautiful and available to anyone way.

We find it difficult to recommend a time of day to enjoy this spectacular balcony of the Sierra de Tramuntana, because all the light that is able to absorb this magical rock will eclipse you. The sunset is one of the busiest times because from there you can see perfectly as the sun goes into the sea saying goodbye to the day.