Mallorca's best wines

Mallorca's best wines
Entdecken Sie Mallorca

Select only five wines from Mallorca is not an easy task. The land of Mallorca gives such a good product that all wines with the official title of Denomination of Origin are pure and quality. You can check it by yourself visiting some of the wineries in Mallorca during your trip. In this list we anticipate some of the best wines of Mallorca.

1. Merlot, Son Prim winery: Several generations of the same family have been taking care of the winery Son Prim Located in Sencelles. In their fields grow the sweetest grapes. These grapes produce the Merlot, a good wine with varietal character with violets, black olives and oranges bouquet. A classic Merlot with great potential.

2. Ànima Negre: This winery has special respect for traditional culture. For this reason, Ànima Negre produces a wine 100% local. The results are special wines, away from trends wines. The main product that bears the mark of the house is Ànima Negre wine, which will delight you. The harvest of their grapes is traditional. Furthermore, this wine has some old plants that only exist in Mallorca. 100% Mallorcan flavor.

3. Mossèn Alcover, Pere Seda: Pere Seda is the largest winery with the official tittle of “Denominación de Origen” in Pla and Llevant area of Mallorca. The most traditional product of Pere Seda is the red wine Mossèn Alcover. You will notice a stewed fruit and wood bouquet. Is recommended to drink with roast beef and cheeses.

4. Galdent, Ca'n Majoral: This winery has several awards recognizing the ecological product. Ca'n Majoral winery is located in the beautiful setting of Algaida. Don’t miss Galdent wine, which has honey bouquet, raisins and white fruits. It is a powerful wine and if it keeps in the bottle for years, will develop new nuances. The winegrower recommends combining them with soft meats, fish and semi-hard cheeses.

5. Crianza, Jose Luis Ferrer: The best wineries of Mallorca are in Binissalem village. Without doubt, the best of the best is the winery José Luis Ferrer. They produce the Crianza wine, a product of a fine selection of different grapes.