Pollença, refuge for migratory birds

Pollença, refuge for migratory birds

Even the birds have realized. In Pollença you live as anywhere else on the planet. Its temperature and its orographic and environmental characteristics make this beautiful town in the Tramuntana an interesting place for bird watching. Over 65 different species of birds can be observed just in the Gola park.

Pollença welcomes with enthusiasm these winged inhabitants who appear every year. Hence it has endowed the busiest places of suitable infrastructure for bird watching, an it has become increasingly a popular attraction for visitors of Pollença. Whether you travel alone or with your family we recommend a walk through any of these places. We enumerate those in which you will be able to observe more birds.

Bay and Puerto Pollença: where you will be able to see many seabirds Cala Sant Vincenç: from where you can make an interesting ornithological route.

Formentor: One of the favorite places of the birdwatchers. The Star is the Eleonora's Falcon, which breeds on coastal cliffs, but you’ll also can see other raptors and seabirds.

L'albufereta: is the area of greatest ornithological diversity of the entire municipality. The ideal place for rest and feeding of waterfowl during the winter, and many other species during their annual migrations.

La Gola: It is a small-sized wetland located in Puerto Pollença, but you’ll be astonished with their biodiversity despite its small size.

Colonya Valley: Its visit is an excellent family plan that combines nature with hiking.

Meet the wilder side of Pollença!