The Cathedral, a pleasure for the senses

The Cathedral, a pleasure for the senses

Known as La Seu, the cathedral of Palma also receives other names like Cathedral of the Sea (since its shore bathes his feet), the cathedral of space (as is the Gothic temple with less stone houses and more space inside ), the cathedral of the Eucharist (as their three ships create the world's largest triptych on the Eucharistic mystery and the cathedral of light, (because it gives off all the Mediterranean light that is able to absorb).

However, Mallorca’s Cathedral is an architectural, historical and cultural treasure. You should visit it, there you’ll live an unforgettable experience regardless of your faith.

It is the second Gothic cathedral (after Beauvais, France) taller ship between European Gothic style. It is located in the historic city center and offers a spectacular view of the bay and promenade.

When you enter you sure enthrall the great ceramic mural by popular artist Miquel Barceló. But if something truly call your attention it is the huge rose window that makes La seu the cathedral with the largest Gothic rosette in the world, with a diameter of 13.8 m.

There is something magical in this masterpiece. It happens twice a year, in mid-November and during the first days of February. It is a show that takes place around 8 am. Sunbeams penetrate the largest rosette drawing two rosettes. If your visit coincides with these dates do not hesitate to witness it.

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