Tour to Cala Murta, Pollensa

Tour to Cala Murta, Pollensa

The coastline of the north of Mallorca and especially the Formentor’s one, where the Serra de Tramuntana ends, is wild, rocky and beautiful. It hides some coves that are a natural spectacle like that we recommend today: Cala Murta. The cove is a natural estuary of the Torrent de Cala Murta, surrounded by cliffs. It’s about 60 meters wide and its crystal clear water will captivate you.

We assume that you’ve already noticed that being alone on a beach in high season is quite difficult, so, we recommend arriving early to choose your place and enjoy the tranquility. However, although access is relatively easy, its remoteness from population centers makes it generally a quiet and not busy cove.

We propose an excursion by car to Formentor (whose landscapes will make you enjoy driving). If you leave from the Port of Pollença you will continue by the MA2200 to Formentor then take the MA2210 since you arrive to a parking lot that you will find approximately at km 13. There you leave your car and the rest of the tour you shall keep walking. Stand back a few meters to the Cala Murta Cases, clearly visible on your left. There you will see a wood indication to Cala Murta. It has no loss. The road is paved and the ride will take about 20-30 minutes, depending on your physical form. You can do well with children; we only recommend that you try not to walk in the hours of strongest sun of the day, which bear the appropriate footwear, water and not a burden with too many gadgets.

When you get the reward for your efforts will be more than well paid. Cala Murta creek waters are transparent and generally quiet.

Enjoy it!